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Forgotten Myths is Greenlit!

We are looking forward to our Steam release.

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About Us
Anchora Games is a game development studio founded by avid game enthusiasts . We focus on developing well-designed, highly enjoyable gaming experiences. We develop cross-platform online games that create player communities with long-lasting relationships.
We developed several small games in early 2012, ultimately focusing our efforts on releasing our first studio title “Forgotten Myths” in 2013. Since then, we released several expansions for Forgotten Myths, and we are currently working on our second title.

“Games are not just art, they are the most revolutionary form of art mankind has ever known about."


Our games showcase state-of-the-art development and design features. We create highly enjoyable games that are easy to learn but with great strategic depth.

  • Forgotten Myths is a free to play online collectible card game that incorporates deck building, card collection and strategic gameplay in a fantastic background. Forgotten Myths is inspired by more strategic card games such as Magic the Gathering and World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. You will build a deck from over 300 unique cards with some of the most amazing art you have ever seen. You can complete daily quests to gain experience and gold, compete against other players in ladder games and tournaments, and make duels where you can win bounty and cards.

    The core card game is most similar to the classic Magic the Gathering. However the gameplay is still unique as it incorporates a much faster style than MtG. The objective is simply to defeat your opponent by reducing his/her life to zero. The battlefield is divided into zones where your attack and fortification cards will go. In order to provide you with a fast and dynamic gameplay, attack phases in Forgotten Myths are automatic.

    Beyond the core game, there is a RPG style level progression and tournament ladder. You can advance both in levels and ranks, while challenging other players in multiplayer tournaments.


    "Forgotten Myths is a great online TCG that is relatively easy to learn but filled with many subtle and challenging strategies to master." - TechZwn

    "If you are a fan of TCGs, you will not be disappointed with the ever changing, ever challenging new game from Anchora!" -

    "We love the fact that there is no cap on how many games you can play. That is a huge bonus for any CCG!" - DigiBoardGames

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    We are always looking for talented individuals to work with us. Is creating games your passion? Do you want to be part of a team that develops genre-defining games? Contact us, and let us know!

    Software Developer
    - Strong programming skills (C#, Java, PHP)
    - Solid experience with Unity 3D
    - Understanding of CG concepts and programming
    - Passion to create ground breaking games
    - Excellent command of English is a must